Moot Court 

& Mock Trial

Capital University Law School

The Capital University Law School Moot Court and Mock Trial teams consist of current law students with a passion for advocacy through litigation. Participation in Moot Court and Mock Trial is not only a great way to gain invaluable skills necessary to be a litigator, but an excellent opportunity to network and build your legal resume while at CapLaw! If you are interested in joining Moot Court or Mock Trial, please check out the information below!

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What is Moot Court?

In Moot Court, law students simulate appellate proceedings where they gain extensive practice in appellate brief writing, oral argument construction, and public speaking. Capital Law School participates in numerous competitions each year across the country focusing on areas of constitutional law, criminal law, labor and employment law, corporate law, and much more. As part of the Moot Court experience, students receive coaching and advisement from former alumni who guide students in navigating the difficult tasks of both presenting and arguing legal issues before a panel of judges in real time. Capital Law School is also proud to host the Child Welfare and Adoption Law National Moot Court competition each year!

What is Mock Trial?

Mock Trial is a student organization where students develop and apply the principles of trial advocacy during a simulated trial from start to finish that is based on fictitious facts and evidence. Students plan, draft and present opening statements, conduct direct examinations and cross-examinations, and present closing arguments just attorneys would in court. Mock Trial also teaches students how to object to evidence properly, handle objections raised against them, as well as understand various courtroom procedures like entering evidence or impeaching witnesses. The Mock Trial team competes in the annual American Association for Justice’s (AAJ) Mock Trial Competition and the Attorney General’s Public Service Mock Trial Competition.