September 2023

Message from the Co-Chief Justices

Hi friends! We are so excited to be back and ready to go for another year of Moot Court and Mock Trial! We hope that you are just as excited as we are. We are kicking off this year with the launch of our new website and Instagram account, and some new features like our monthly newsletter! Be sure to stay tuned because we have lots of new fun events planned for the upcoming year like happy hours, apparel sales, and more! We cannot wait to meet you all, feel free to stop us and say hi any time! 

Area of Practice: Family Law

Current Employment: Wood & Long, LLC

Contact Information: (614) 358-8939

Why did you participate in Moot Court?

During my oral argument in LARW, my wonderful professor (shout out Professor Mihocik) encouraged me to try out for the Moot Court program. It was the first time in law school where I felt in my element and that I had excelled. I wanted to join Moot Court to hone my litigation skills, and grow my professional network. I am a first generation law student, and I did not come into law school with a phone full of contacts in the legal field. Having a place to grow those contacts, but in a more natural way, was appealing to me. I stayed in the program for a second year, and later became the Co-Chief Justice of the Moot Court Board because I saw how much I grew as a student, professional, and person.

Advice for the Team

There is no shortcut to practice when it comes time to perform. You think you have heard every question possible until a random judge throws you for a loop. The more you practice, the more comfortable you are with those questions and those moments that catch you by surprise. Practice also teaches you what is most important about your argument, but how to articulate your argument in the most powerful way possible. One other piece of advice is to have fun! Moot Court gives you an outlet for acting, creativity, and advocacy without the high stakes of an actual client who is depending on you. This experience, though not always easy, teaches you invaluable skills that you just cannot get in the classroom. Soak it all up, because I am jealous of those who get to be part of the program!

Mock Trial Tryouts

We are proud to announce that Capital University Law School's Mock Trial team is seeking participants and 1L Fellows for the 2023 Public-Service Mock Trial Competition in Franklin County! All interested students should check out our website here.

Apparel Sale

The Moot Court & Mock Trial Program is also having our annual apparel sale for all CapLaw students? Need a new CapLaw T-shirt or sweatshirt? Want a CapLaw Dad hat? You can find all that and more here.

Upcoming Events & Announcements

AMCA Regional Competition

The Capital University Law School Moot Court & Mock Trial Team will once again be hosting the AMCA Regional Moot Court Competition for undergraduates this year! We are so excited to welcome back undergraduates to not only hone their advocacy skills, but add CapLaw to their list of prospective law schools once they graduate! More information to come about how to sign up to be a judge!

For more information, please contact Taylor Nolan and Abigial Adams, Associate Justices for Competition.

Fellow Tryouts

The Moot Court Team will be holding tryouts for Fellows in early October (after 1L Midterms) for students interested in participating in Moot Court in the Spring. While Fellows do not get to compete in Moot Court, becoming a Fellow allows student to learn about Moot Court and participate in practices with their assigned Moot Court team that will be essential to being an advocate. Fellows can be any law student, though preference is given to 1L & 2L students. 

For more information, please contact Jake Horton or Keri Reeves, Associate Justices of Fellows.